Testimonial from Magician Franc Karpo

I was in dire need for a photo shoot for my magic business. The last one I had was in 2004, so when Bonaparte recommended Duncan Wilder, I jumped at the chance.

I was pressed for time because we scheduled the session the day before I went back to Scotland. Duncan normally spends about two hours on a photo shoot. I told him, I only had an hour and would we still be able to make this work? He said, no problem, everything will be just fine.

It was more than fine. Getting this done in an hour was a piece of cake. Duncan was easy to work with, very professional and I was impressed with the quality of his work. He put his magic touch editing on the photos I selected and now I have about 10 awesome photos to use on my websites and marketing pieces.

The photos even passed the wife test! Eleni has a sharp eye for quality visuals and was impressed. She loved all the images except one. (She said I looked dopey on one. No fault with Duncan on this. I told him to add the photo to the selected ones.) LOL

Duncan – thanks a bunch. Loved working with you!!!

-Franc Karpo, Magic Entertainer


March 20, 2017 - The Shods

It' my distinct honor to announce that I am working with The Shods, the great Rock N' Roll band from Lowell, MA.  Kevin Stevenson and Scott Pittman are back with a whole new batch of classics.

I made the video for their new Kickstarter campaignand I'm assisting in the creation and fulfillment of that campaign.   

Kevin spent about 9 months living in a section of Athens, Greece known as Exarcheia.  Exarchia is as a haven for Anarchists.  Surrounded by cool people, (who the cops leave alone to put it mildly) and living in a completely different climate really invigorated Kevin's health and his song writing. Kevin suffers from multiple sclerosis and being in Exarcheia caused his symptoms to subside, leaving the opportunity and inspiration for a ton of new Shods songs!

"These are some of the best songs I've ever written," says Kevin.

If you want to be part of it, consider donating to the Shods Kickstarter campaign here and be a part of the solution!


March 13, 2017 - SBC Documentary

Hey y'all, Duncan here, wanted to share this cool note from a guy named John:
I just got the documentary. I cannot thank you enough . My hair stood up on my neck watching it. I honestly wanted to cry as it was the sound track of my teen years. You did a fantastic fantastic job on this project. Please save my email for any other projects you may do that requires any funding. I am so proud to have donated only a small amount for something that I feel is a superb creation. This story needed to be told and I owe you a debt of gratitude for telling it . Thank you isnt enough but it is all I have to offer at this time. My girlfriend was watching it and couldnt believe that something like this existed but sbc has a new fan as do you.

Well, thanks John! That being said, the music licenses run out at the end of the month for the documentary, meaning IT WILL BE HARD TO GET IN TWO WEEKS! SO GO HERE AND GET IT WHILE YOU CAN: